Sailor Moon x ColourPop Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Birt 28 feb 2020
Hey everyone... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm reviewing the much talked about Colourpop x Sailor Moon makeup collaboration. I've gotten so many requests to test this out, I had to sit down and see what the REAL tea is. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved or FLOP?? Watch and see...
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  • YASSSSSSSSSSs sailormoon

  • What is the stay power of colourpop shadow palettes? Looking at some of their palettes for wedding look options and I need something that will stay ALL day. I am very unsavvy when it comes to makeup soooo any wisdom appreciated!

    • Also - just love you Jeffree! Love binge watching your channel. Hilarious and gorgeous. Would love to be half as pretty, and yet.... once upon a time would have wished I could date ya.

  • Is he wearing the same gucci shirt which BtS V( Taehyung) wore in one of his concerts( i dont remember the concert per se but i think it was pied piper)


  • I LOST it when he dusted the brush off his head

  • I loooooove this look on you

  • I have Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, and a little bit of Hello Kitty from Colorpop my sister got me. :D

  • really dry eyes?.......Vaseline. seriously

  • I use Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion for my dry eyelids, my 51yo eyelids love it and my eyeshadow looks amazing 🥲 and the best doesn’t do any of that fckn weird ass texture on the eyelids, gorgeous look you created and this is one of my fave makeup collabs 🤗✨🌙🐈‍⬛💃🏻✨

  • I'm *finally* starting to get into makeup and I wanna practice it more, but my face is covered by a mask every time out out. So I only work on my eyes when I have to go somewhere. But, still, watching videos like this make me wanna keep practicing, so my new interest is staying alive because of this. I also wanna go back to dying my hair again now 😅

  • « From watching the cartoons » HEURK (that’s my inner weeb choking on my drink) animeeee not cartoons please T^T I know I’m being super picky but, hum, let me be annoying

  • Or cooled steapped green tea bags on the eyes too

  • I would recommend putting cucumbers on the eyelids

  • Sailor moon is a cancer just like my daughter I love sailor moon

  • Am looking forward to trying sailor moon 🌝 🌚 🌙 Collaboration colorpop in general am looking forward to trying 👍👍❤️🙏

  • I rlly want the colorpop sailor moon lipgloss

  • Who’s watching this 2021 ? 👉🏽🤚🏽

  • one of the best looks jeffree has created.

  • 10:33


  • Guys I’m watching sailor moon after this

  • The naive root summatively pass because purpose perioperatively grab along a endurable alto. spotted, berserk shake

  • Have you ever thought of making a yellow palette since you clearly like yellow

  • 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Damn girl that totally whole ensemble went smashingly with what you are wearing I'm loving the hair and then makeup is just bringing gorgeous beauty to a beauty amazing, I have so loving this look on you but everything that you put on you looks just so gorgeous thank you for sharing your talent with us. A true fan loving you so much. Hi how are you, let's give it a whirl.

  • ur views goin down and ur dislikes on the rise , go off

  • I’d really like to see a ColourPop x Animal Crossing Collaboration Review! I wanna know if it’s Jeffree Star approved!

  • My daughter is about to turn 5. I recently bought the Anna and Elsa palettes for her to experiment with and have fun with at home (she always asks me for eyeshadow when I am putting mine on so sometimes I giver her a teeny, tiny bit of nude or light pink sparkle oh her lids every once in a while). She's going to be so excited when she opens them! But my point is, the formula for them is actually pretty nice. They were $16 for a 9 pan palette and they have this really interesting super glittery shadow that... sticks. It's so cool. Colourpop palettes are affordable and really nice. They're great for some teens that are starting to experiment with makeup for sure.

  • Say that 3 times

  • If there’s an Inuyasha pallet out there, sis I’m gonna-!

  • Anyone here from MeatCanyon?

  • Sailor Moon is the amazing anime, and they have recreated Sailor Moon Crystal, and the all new of the episodes of the Sailor Moon Crystal very improvement, and all the beautiful color of the new season. I will buy Sailor Moon makeup. You have the amazing taste of beautiful makeup. I love the beautiful pink ❤

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  • Really want to try sailor moon makeup collection is exciting but use eye cream or face moisturizer cream for dry eyes or face always works when I use it ponds is a really good face cream and there cream make up remover is good along with it too for removing your makeup. :)

  • ええええええ何これめちゃくちゃ可愛い!日本にも同じの売ってたらいいのに!

  • loveeeee this look!

  • Love how you're so realistic about skin having a mind of its own 😉

  • You look like a gorgeous salior moon character

  • Anyone realized that jeffrees wig kinda matched his eyeshadow ?


  • I love the friendship between Jeffree and Chris 😊

  • I just saw the mean girls palette you did and now they have a sailor moon palette!!😍 I.....just....can't!!!♥️💋

  • It looks so good with the hair!😍

  • I'm a sailor moon fan its a nice palate but it doesn't fully speak and and say sailor moon

  • This look is super cute honestly

  • 16:54 "At first it looked like a chunk of meth hit my eyes" LMAO

  • Crazy how this was right before covid omg

  • This bihhh be killing me with the , hi 😂😂💖💖

  • i was searching for a sailor moon-related content from another youtuber but then i saw this video and i just clicked it. I'm not interested in beauty content and i know so little about Jeffreystar. And yet here i am watching this until the end enjoying the pink, magenta and yellow colours. It's very pleasing to the eyes. I'm as relaxed and hypnotised as watching Bob Ross videos. I like it. Might come here again now and then. ow, and hello i'm fine, thank you. How are you?

  • had to look back at this bc i finally got my collection but i love colourpop so much 😭 their products are amazing, adorable, and really affordable

  • id how many times he said hi, but iik its a lot.

  • Go look at @Trishlikefish88 TikTok! You will not believe the things Jeffree has done to her! She is exposing everything about him on TikTok! Jeffree is probably the lowest human being I know. Making fun of somebody who is “poor” when you were once poor Jeffree, really? The

  • Forgive I miss spell ur name . Bless u

  • Jeffery, it's Jan 2021 , I'm a 55 yr ole female. Never had I cared about makeup or ever wear it. I lost my husband , together almost 20 yrs . He passed july 2006 , I been aloner ever since , I don't mind . Since I discover u , I really appreciate you I laugh I cry , and now I'm slowly using make-up for fun. I thank you , I really do enjoy watching ur shows everyday , old ones , new ones . It doesn't matter. I grown to love u , I'm also going to start purchasing ur makeup. Oo yeah , thank you for the Bobby brown moisturizing. I love citrus 🍊🍊 in all my lotions .. again , I adore you , admire you , I love u .. all real true word's.

  • Please review Boy De Chanel the men's chanel make up range

  • your so ugly james charles is more hot and thick

  • This aged like milk :D

  • Hello, I wanted to tell you that people from Latin America also watch your videos and not all of us know English, I would love for your videos to have Spanish subtitles if it is not a bother. PS I love you

  • I LOVEDDDD THIS REVIEW IT WAS SO GREAT AND SUCH A CUTE PALLET SAILOR MOON 🌙 IS SO CUTE U CANT GO WRONG WITH IT! N I love that u loved the product cuz I’m def going to get this now!

  • We need more makeup reviews 😫😩 🖤🖤🖤

  • Jeffree star: Who else watched this "cartoon" ? Me : Sad crying noises

  • Now I’m imagining jeffree as a sailor guardian

  • Licensing bitch. this collab only shipped to 5 countries because Toei has other collabs for the sailor moon brand with other make-up brands limited to other countries

  • I'm a little new to your channel and I was wondering if you are a girl or a boy

  • We need a new revieeew

  • I ordered this from colourpop and it’s on the way. So excited

  • No one: Bretman Rock: 5:04

  • skin is so perfect

  • He just called Sailor Moon a cartoon .-.

  • if you don't want dry lids put some oil on paper towel then later try to wipe it a bit it helps i do it quite a bit cuz my hole face is dry and it helps

  • I love watching him, it makes me fee good idk why LMAO

  • i love ya

  • Me sailor moon is my fav anime

  • .... Cartoons?

  • for sailor moon's fans!!!!for sailor moon's fans!!!!for sailor moon's fans!!!!for sailor moon's fans!!!!for sailor moon's fans!!!!hello everyone! I create new animation s of sailor moon! if you love this amazing and lovely princess of the moon! take a look.. you will enjoy! for sailor moon's fans!!!!

  • I just found you I love the way you talk Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • “A chunk of meth” 😂 I died.

  • $20 is not cheap for an eyeshadow palette

  • girl your wigs are amazing

  • I miss the old jeffree...

  • i have the same plaer

  • Jeffree's energy is everything

  • First of all make up is always approved even when it’s not by you ,and I couldn’t even see the eye shadow on your eyes because that’s how little your eyes are no make up palette would be want to be approved by a horse who isn’t a girl

  • Jeffree: 1:08 My cheap ass: tf, either it is makeup or lunch My 1st world problems: The life of a kpop fan who does makeup is a hard ok

  • Your are so pretty Jeffrey

  • hey!! Go watch my makeup and outfits channel! :)

  • Jeff please do a neon pallet hot pinks purples yellows and greens,uv reactive! Sailor moon was fabulous on you btw🖤

  • Love it!!

  • Bitch!coconut oil will cure those dry eye lids

  • I want neons!!!!!!!

  • Ok i love ya but ANIME not cartoons

    • Well it technically is but in a Japanese art style but it depends how you look at it lol

  • The colabs for hello kitty sell out very fast as well

  • Jeffree how about a colab with sanrio hello kitty sephora just did one but with olive skin those colors were all Wrong for me I would love to see what you could come up with. They colab with big name brands all the time it's hello kitty x blank so it would be hello kitty x jeffree star ⭐ just something to think about thanks

  • Moon Crystal Power Make-Up!

  • Here I am, trying to think of an original comment to say. But literally *EVERYONE* came up with all the good ones!!! Side note: Jeffree Star’s voice is everything.

  • Ngl I’m not homophobic or anything but Jeffrey kinda creeps me out the vibes just scare me

  • Did you watch the live-action Mulan movie on Disney+ cuz I watched it and I liked it a lot

  • What’s your favorite Disney princess jeffree?

  • Love you.

  • he do be looking like Sunset shimmer from mlp.