I Have Some REALLY Bad News.

Birt 10 okt 2020
Today I'm sitting down and finally giving you guys a update on ALL things Jeffree Star. The truth about all the fake stories from a fake account. My dating life. Am I moving to Wyoming? Am I quitting ISchats? 2020 has been rollercoaster and so much has changes. Let's sit down and catch up. I have some really bad news and some great news. Love you Star Family.
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  • Please, change the cameraman!😖

  • Raising babies 😂 as if he has given birth to all of them lol 😂🤣 seriously it feels good that he took care of his dogs coz in today's world nobody gives a damn for human life ..

  • Your poor beautiful dog... My heart goes out to you.. Can tell your not yourself yet..stress does that. Hang in there and Im sending you love

  • Hi

  • Certified dog lover 😊🌻💖

  • i can't imagine whats it like to hv a whole crowd of people that cheer for me just bcz i get my ear pierced. that must be such a crazy life... [edit: still need a vault tour...]

  • Jeffree can you please get back with Nate!

  • What the fuck, Jeffree. 🤣

  • I don't understand why people promote this guy's Channel we shouldn't be allowing this to happen go back to being a man it's shameful that you're so uncomfortable in your own body that you had to change yourself just take some time to truly love yourself for who you are instead of continuing with this self-mutilation

  • Who were the previous owners of this house?

  • No masks hmm 🤔

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  • jeffree star you should try florasis beauty # beautiful makeup 🏵🌺

  • Hunny I love you but the zooming in & out is triggering me so much I just had to stop watching.. don’t need a seizure over here girl.

  • Time for a house tour, please.

  • I literally get depressed seeing how rich Jeffree is

  • This video is giving me motion sickness. 🤢🤮

  • Your the best love your beautiful home have a great time

  • Dessert is so cute 😍🥰🥰🥰

  • I hope Diva is ok now

  • Chris, Stop zooming in and out!

  • Can you do a house tour plesssssssssssssssssss

  • Dude pick a distance to film. There is no reason to zoom in and out while he’s informing people. It gives me a headache.

  • That BUT! Said it all

  • I'm am HERE for those eyebrows!! OMG!! Bitch!! Work!!!😊💓💓

  • Yas I'm living for the first tik tok-

  • My aunts bday is oct 10 also

  • The house looks better. The old style was super dark

  • You need to change the counter-tops. White would look better

  • Jefree:"Don't play games!" Me: *opens Mobile Legends*

  • Why is there a bench just behing the chairs lol they should be like that on transport stations

  • I wanna see all your house

  • Ur couch looks so old or just bad coloured.. I hate brown

  • someone get him a new cameraman

  • What’s up with the videographer.. zoom in zoom out.. getting seasick.. STOP! Hard to concentrate on what Jeffreys saying.. 😂

  • Yes have babies!!😇🥰

  • I will be praying for him,so sorry for your baby!

  • During this whole video.. I kept singing Abba's 🎼Money.. Money.. Money.. Nananana.. Ure a rich man's.. Something (don't know the rest of the lyrics) 🎶

  • That wig is gorgeous.

  • White and gold? Wheres the iconic pink? Though the white and gold looking amazing.

  • I'd love to know more about his book collection in that beautiful library!

  • I love the fact that he has Stephen King books 📚😍

  • Awe im so sorry u r dealing w that that sux so bad hang in there beautiful

  • i do love jeffree no matter what happens

  • We have two diabetic cats at my work, had to learn how to give the insulin shots and it’s VERY intimidating! I hope everything works out for your pup!

  • Yes! I think she should definitely have babies!!! That would be so fun and cute! Jeffree you are a great mother!!🐶 +👶🏼=❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love love love watching u...

  • Mzz Jeffree lynn why havent u reviewed the Selena mac collection?

  • Watching your videos very often and repetitive inspires me to work harder to be able to improve my life and feel accomplished. Thank you!

  • damn thats so sad i had been losing cats in the past iv very sorry for u

  • He’s employing and keeping company’s active during covid when they need the work the most

  • 🐶❤

  • Im going through 42 weeks of chemo

  • Happy birthday to both of your babies. One today xxxxx

  • Wow! Can't believe his ears weren't pierced! Wth!

  • It has been 4 months since you did a construction video you need an update of progress

  • jeffree really inspires me as a 13yr to make millons

  • Does anyone out there know where I can get the mystery boxes?

  • Money wont buy u happiness honey and nor does u will find happines in deleting negative comments to make it positive it just wont work negativity is gonna come cuz as i said money cant buy happiness hunny

  • Alright... I'm going to be that person. I know Jeffree probably won't see this but maybe someone who needs to will. Please do not breed your dog. There are hundreds upon thousands of dogs in shelters that need homes... and putting more dogs in the world is not needed. If you still do it anyway... please spay after one pregnancy as it can prevent certain cancers and if you are going to adopt the puppies out please make sure they go to people you know. People can be cruel and heartless, so just be very careful who you give your puppies to, if you do.

  • 💓💓

  • Get a new cameraman, this one is annoying af

  • Baking soda. 3x a day in glass of water...the cure for cancer. just get a baby saringe and and dilute some baking soda into there mouth. doctors are killers with there deadly pills now days.

  • * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom * ZOOM * zoom *

  • Can we see what it looks like now that it’s done?!

  • Love love love the wig🤯❤️❤️❤️🥰💯

  • Im so freaking glad you transformed it to white and gold..its gonna be so damn luxury n extravagant than it was before.. thank you.. finally you chose white.. no more dark brown classic looks... cant wait for the final upgraded house tour

  • i hope Diva feels better!

  • Need more videos!,

  • So people watch these videos nowadays?

  • I need that wig in my life! Please (details on the suit)

  • No babies!

  • The bathroom walls are my favorite

  • You’ll never see this but I’d love to help you with your dogs diabetes!!! We’ve dealt with it for years!

  • That wig is sooo cute 😍

  • me: clicks on video and hears intro. oh the queen sounds happy so its probably not THAT bad. Jeffree: Totatally switches gears.

  • strange that all this is allowed to go on when there is such a problem with transmission of a virus . be safe ??

  • did anyone else notice he got his ears pierced for these diamond earrings, only for the earrings to be clipons?

  • That outfit tho it's on fleek

  • So updated house tour?

  • Go look at @Trishlikefish88 TikTok! You will not believe the things Jeffree has done to her! She is exposing everything about him on TikTok! Jeffree is probably the lowest human being I know. Making fun of somebody who is “poor” when you were once poor Jeffree, really?

  • ischats.info/fun/o8KzenVjgIBuq2s/v-deo

  • "These dogs are so big..." Me: cuddling with my doberman

  • The zooming is making me sea sick ;-;

  • My brother is a libra too. :)

  • I cannot believe she’s using a needle!!!! Wtf?? Why isn’t she using a proper ear piercing gun wtf?!!

  • Babies

  • Jeffree screw all these people saying crap, you are such an inspiration and I used to watch your videos and snapchats all the time... Life happens and I'm just now playing catch up, I would watch your videos when I was at my absolute worst--I was in an abusive relationship and I used to watch your videos on my phone and they would make me laugh, they would make my day. I will always be a supportive fan of you.

  • ❤❤❤Dominatrix should be a mommy

  • Jeffree looks so stunning in brown hair.

  • Okay I love Jeffree, but when I saw him sitting in that library I got more jealous of him then ever before. I own 2500 books AND HAVE NOWHERE TO KEEP THEM hes so lucky man

  • i wish i had a friend like jeffree just makes u want to be a better person

    • Makes u want to be better than him, since he is such a trashy person

  • nobody: jeffree: oh good morning why the hell did I die when he said that getting his ears pierced 😂

  • I can throw up look at him. I just heard of him due to Kanye. Disgusting, and that fake ass...barffffff

  • Omigosh what a beautiful home! I especially love the entrance of your house.

  • YES! Please let her have fur babies😭🙏🏽💙😍 I would love to adopt one from you if you decide to let her get pregnant with puppies! They would be absolutely beautiful 🥰 Please keep me in mind Jeffree!🙏🏽 About 5 years ago now my baby boy Semper Fidelis passed away due to a couple of pitbulls escaping and attacking him and they were sadly put down afterwards, I agree what they did wasn't right at all & they should have gotten some help/training/a real loving healthy new home. But then again it definitely wasn't right that they tore my baby up like they did or being outside at all where there was no fence at all. unfortunately I didnt have a choice or the resources to get them help instead 😭🙏🏽

  • I love you and your channel! You speak the truth and you are always yourself 100% always true to who you are! You rock Jeffrey💋❤️💄

  • Omg Jeffree, they did not grow so fast 😭 ps your natural hairs gotten so long! Yesss make domi a mommy!!

  • EH??? The camera man is one of our kind?? a British person????AHHHHHHHH

  • I just love love u Jeffree ⭐️ I only own one item of ur and it’s a metallic pink voulore lippie!! Haven’t been able to buy anything yet from ur website nor from people that’s been selling ur shit like hot cakes!! But I watch everything of u everywhere except Twitter but soon to be on there love ya lots❤️💯🤞🏽💄🌹💋🛍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️xoxo bitch💋💋💋💄💯